How to Tell if Your Child fits in your Toddler Sized Carrier

How do you know if your toddler is big enough to fit in a toddler carrier? This super quick post will show you what to check for.

  1.  Is your child tall enough that his or her entire head is visible above the panel of the carrier?


Notice in this image, my toddler’s head is completely visible.  The panel comes up to the top of her shoulders, but not higher.  It could go slightly higher and still be a good fit, but generally the panel should not go higher than the nape of the neck or the bottom of the earlobe.

  1. Are your child’s legs long enough that panel does not go past the bend of your child’s knee?  When your child is in the carrier, take a look at the base of the panel.  It should support your toddler’s thighs, but should not extend past the knee.


Notice in this image, the panel of our carrier goes almost to my toddler’s knee, but does not go past her knee bend.   There is also no bunching or wrinkling in the base of the panel.    She has just started to fit in this carrier.

If you answered yes to both of these questions, your child probably fits in your toddler carrier and you can enjoy your carrier together!  If you’re not sure, visit your local babywearing group or consultant (links below).  If you’re debating buying a toddler carrier, take a look at the carrier company website and carefully read the sizing information or try one on in person with your local babywearing educator.

The carrier shown is a toddler sized Kinderpack and my daughter is nearly 2 years old, and in the 99th percentile for height at 37 inches.  She wears size 3t pants and shirts.


This photo shows my husband wearing our littlest daughter in a toddler sized carrier while chatting with our oldest daughter.  <3

To find a babywearing group or educator near you, click here.

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