Top 5 Summer Woven Wrap Front and Hip Carries

Everyone asks me:  What’s the BEST carrier to wear in the heat?

This question can have so many answers!  Everyone has a different favorite carrier in the summer time.  My personal favorite carrier in the summer is a thin breathable woven wrap in a single layer carry.  In the summer, I like to use a wrap that’s a bit shorter than my base size.  My base size is a 6 and I love size 4 carries (so base minus 2) in the summer.

This post has my top 5 favorite Base minus 2 Summer Carries!

5.  Front Wrap Cross Carry Tied under the Bum

This is a fabulous beginner carry.  If you are brand new to wrapping, this is a great one to start with.  The carry teaches you to tighten really effectively.  Tying off under the bum means that there is less fabric wrapped around you (so less warmth!)  The carry has just one layer of fabric over you and baby.

4.  Short Cross Carry

This carry is awesome because you can pre-tie it and pop baby in and out of it as needed.  It’s not quite as hot as it’s base size variation (front cross carry) because there’s just a tad less fabric.  It’s also wonderfully breathable because it’s open at the sides so you can get a bit of airflow between you and baby.  Sometimes I need a base minus 1 wrap for this carry instead of a base minus 2 wrap.  It depends on how big my wrappee is!

This wonderful video by LaKeta Kemp of Tandem Trouble shows a variation on Short Cross Carry that uses one sling ring.  This has the benefit of lying a bit flatter in the back and also uses less wrap length than the original variation.  It can also be a bit easier to adjust once tied than the original version.

3.  Front Torso Carry

This carry is wonderful in the summer because there is no wrap over your shoulders!  It’s wrapped very similarly to Front Wrap Cross Carry tied under the bum.  For bonus points, this carry is wonderful if you have a sunburn (nothing on the shoulders!)
This video was made by LaKeta Kemp of Tandem Trouble.

2.  Robin’s Hip Carry

This is one of my very favorite carries in all seasons.  For one, it can be completely poppable!  Once you have it adjusted, you leave the wrap on and pop baby in and out as needed.  This is especially nice in winter or on rainy days when you don’t want to stand outside of the car and wrap.  For two, it’s just super pretty.   It has one layer over baby and is quite breathable.

This video shows a variation on Robin’s Hip Carry that uses one sling ring.  This variation is a bit cooler than the original variation and uses a few inches less wrap length.

1.  Kangaroo

You can’t beat kangaroo in the heat!  It has just one ruck or kangaroo pass over baby.  The ruck pass is wonderfully breathable because both sides are open.  If you tighten well, this carry is also incredibly comfortable.

Those are my favorite summer front and hip carries!  What are your favorites?

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