How to Use a Soft Structured Carrier

There are so many brands of Soft Structured Carriers and each come with their own tips and instructions. Before using your carrier, be sure to read the instructions that came with it. Each carrier adjusts slightly differently. When you are reading the directions that come with your carrier, pay attention to how the carrier is adjusted and how the carrier is fit to a newborn. The videos and resources here are supplements to reading your carrier manual.

Front Carry

This video shows how to do a front carry with a toddler:

One thing that can be tricky about front carries in an SSC is clipping the chest clip (which is on your back when you do a front carry). This video by Babywearing with Kathy shows several tips for clipping the chest clip behind you during a front carry:

Hip Carry

This video shows how to put a baby in hip carry in an SSC:

This quick video by Babywearing with Kathy shows an amazingly quick method of switching a baby from a front carry in an SSC with crossed shoulder straps to a hip carry without taking the baby out of the carrier. This can be a really quick and easy way to adjust baby onto the hip for nursing or if you are picking up another child (or item) in arms and need the other hip free.

Back Carry

This video shows several methods of doing a back carry in an SSC with a toddler. The methods include superman tossing, hip scooting, and having the child climb onto the back (like a piggyback ride). It also shows some adaptations for using a soft structured carrier while pregnant.


If you are finding some discomfort in your carry, try the tips found here. Often a small adjustment can make a huge difference in how the carry feels.

If you are having trouble getting the baby well seated in a back carry or feel like the your back carry is saggy or that the panel isn’t coming up high enough on baby’s back, check out this post.

Carrier Sizing

One very common question is “when should I try a toddler sized carrier?” This post explains how to tell if your child fits into a toddler sized carrier.

Positioning the Baby
This image from Babywearing International shows how to position babies of different ages in a Soft Structured Carrier:


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