How to Use a Pouch Sling

Pouch Slings are wonderful! They fold up tiny and are so convenient to bring along for a quick carry! A pouch sling can work well from newborn to toddler! With a newborn, a pouch sling does a lovely front carry. With an older baby or toddler who wants to walk or wants to be up and down frequently, a pouch sling is so convenient!

Front Carry

Using a pouch sling with a newborn is quick and easy. This video shows how to put on a pouch sling, how to put a newborn in an upright carry in the sling, and how to adjust so that the baby is well supported:

If you prefer photo-tutorials, this tutorial shows how to do a front carry in a pouch sling and shows how to cap the shoulder to tighten the carry.

This graphic also shows how some tips for getting the carry nice and snug.


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