Pouch Sling Front Carry Photo-Tutorial

A pouch sling is a baby carrier that is a simple loop or tube of fabric that is worn over one shoulder much like a ring sling.  Most pouch slings come in sizes and are not adjustible, so it is important that your pouch sling fits you well.  This tutorial includes information on pouch sizing, but if you are unsure if your pouch fits properly, please visit your local group or babywearing consultant for assistance.

  1. Locate the seam on the pouch.  This is where baby’s bottom will go.
  2. Bring one arm through the sling and guide the sling over your head, putting it on like a sash.
  3. Make sure that the seam is the lowest point of the fabric, right where baby’s bottom will be.  Check that the fabric is not
  4. To check sizing of the sling, pull the fabric tight.  It should go no farther than your hip bone.  If it is too big, baby will not be well supported.
  5. Reach one hand under the sling and guide baby’s legs through.
  6. Seat baby on the tube of sling fabric and take a moment to position the baby.  Baby should be positioned with knees slightly higher than bottom.
  7. Once baby is properly positioned, find the top edge of the sling fabric.  Spread the top edge of the fabric over baby’s back to the nape of baby’s neck or to the arms if baby prefers to have arms out.
  8. Reach under baby’s leg and make sure that the bottom edge of the sling fabric extends in a straight line from one knee to the other knee between you and baby.
  9. Now baby should be positioned in a spread squat with knees slightly higher than bottom.
  10. To tighten the carry, find the fabric closest to your neck.  Pull that fabric away from your neck, bringing it to the edge of your shoulder.
  11. The carry is done.
    To check the carry, make sure that you can fit two fingers under baby’s chin.  Baby should be fully visible to you.  Baby should be snug.  If you press against baby’s back and baby moves closer to your body, the sling is too loose and you may need a smaller size.  Baby should be high up on your body so that you can easily kiss the top of baby’s head.
    Notes on these directions:   Some pouch slings are adjustable and may have slightly different steps.  The pouch sling photographed is a Seven Sling, size 3.  Many pouch sling directions include folding the sling in half as the first step.  I find using a pouch sling to be simpler if the sling is bunched and not folded.  However, if you prefer to fold your sling, that works too!

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