Fall Babywearing: Staying Warm in Chilly Weather

Fall is the absolute best season for babywearing!  The weather is crisp and cool.  There are forest hikes to take, shopping trips to do, and fun visits with friends and family.  Babywearing makes it easy to keep your baby cozy and warm on chilly days and keeps baby close to you where you can talk to baby easily and enjoy the autumn sights together. This post includes tips for staying warm while babywearing in chilly weather.

Five Tips for Chilly Weather

  1.  For chilly days, footie pajamas are the absolute best!! They completely cover baby.  When you put baby in your carrier in footie pajamas you don’t get that little gap of their ankles and calves sticking out like you do in pants.    Fleece footie pajamas are my favorite.  I like to dress baby in warm socks, an undershirt, and put a footie sleeper on top.  If I have a walking toddler, sometimes I even put shoes on top of their footies.  Then baby will stay cozy and warm.  Now, you may have heard that footie pajamas can’t be used in babywearing.  This is a myth.  Footie pajamas are amazing!  Just make sure they fit the baby and aren’t too tight.  Your baby should be able to move their little toes freely.IMG_0305
  2. Use hats for both of you!  Hats provide a lot of warmth, but are small and easy to carry if you get hot and want to take them off.
  3. For days that are just slightly chilly, thin fleece jackets are really nice.  It’s easy to wrap or put on your carrier over a thin  layer and fleece jackets are very thin but still warm.  You can also unzip it if you start to feel too warm.
  4. With front carries, it works really well to use a carrier that you can just pop the baby into such as a stretchy wrap,  ring sling or a woven wrap in a poppable carry.  You can put on the carrier before you leave the house.  Then put a large jacket over top of the carrier.  When you get where you’re going, you can pop baby into the carrier and zip your jacket over both of you (making sure to keep baby’s face visible).  You both stay snuggly and warm and you don’t have to wrap in the parking lot in the cold.Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 8.50.30 AM

Fall babywearing is really the best!  You and baby can keep each other warm and cozy and get out to explore the fall together!

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