Poppable Woven Wrap Carries for Rainy, Cold Days

It’s cold and rainy outside!  This fall weather is the best for babywearing (no sweating, yay!), but not that fun for parking lot wrapping.  While you absolutely can parking lot wrap in the rain without getting your tails dirty, it’s not that fun standing in the rain on a cold day!  Poppable woven wrap carries are here to save your day!  

Poppable carries are carries that you can pre-tie and then pop baby in and out of the wrap as needed.  These are the best because you only need to tie the carry once.  You can tie the carry at home before you even leave the house.  No need to stand in the rain or cold flinging long lengths of fabric around or getting your wrap tails dirty in a mud puddle.  You can do poppable carries in a stretchy wrap too.  See this post if you have a stretchy wrap.


Here’s what I do:  

1.  Wrap the carry at home.
2.  Put on my coat or jacket on top of the carry.
3.  Put baby in the carseat.
4.  Drive and park.
5.  Pop baby into the wrap.
6.  Zip my coat over both of us (up to baby’s shoulders)
7.  Head on my way!

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 8.50.30 AM

There are quite a few poppable woven wrap carries!  There are carry options in every size wrap!  Here are some options and links to tutorials:

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 11.34.59 PM

Poppable Woven Wrap Carries with a Base Size Wrap

Front Cross Carry
This one is my number one go-to poppable carry if I’m going to be wearing the baby for a while.  This carry is really comfortable, especially if you get the back part nice and snug as shown in this video:

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 11.35.19 PM

Poppable Woven Wrap Carries with a Base Size Minus One Wrap

Short Cross Carry
Short Cross Carry is another comfortable two-shouldered poppable carry.  I do this one if I want a two shouldered carry, but I don’t have a wrap quite long enough for Front Cross Carry.

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 11.35.38 PM

Poppable Woven Wrap Carries with a Base Minus Two Wrap

Hip Cross Carry
This carry is really quick and easy to tie, but can be tricky to get adjusted just right.  This video is by Greater Atlanta Babywearing


Robin’s Hip Carry
Robin’s Hip Carry is my personal favorite of the base minus two carries.  This one is super quick to tie and very easy to pop baby in and out of.  It also is easy to adjust and get perfectly snug around baby.


Coolest Hip Cross Carry
Coolest Hip Cross Carry is also pretty awesome.  I like this variation with a pair of sling rings.  This allows me to use a bit less wrap length than the regular version.  Tying the carry with a slipknot takes a bit more wrap length.   Also, this carry adjusts most easily by feeding fabric toward the rings.  If you tie with a slipknot, the carry has to be adjusted by feeding slack around your back (which takes a lot more time to do).  If I want to tie a slipknot or don’t have a pair of sling rings, I always go with Inside Out Coolest Hip Cross Carry. .


Inside Out Coolest Hip Cross Carry
Inside Out Coolest Hip Cross Carry is a variation on Coolest Hip Cross Carry that reverses the order of the passes.  Switching the order of the passes means that the carry will be easily adjusted by feeding slack back around your back.  Since the carry ties with a slipknot, it’s perfect that this variation is best adjusted by feeding slack to the back.


Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 11.49.46 PM

Poppable Woven Wrap Carries with a Base Minus Three or Four Wrap

Traditional Sling Carry
Traditional Sling Carry is my favorite of the short wrap poppable carries.  This carry is so  poppable that you can even take off the wrap (leaving the knot tied) and pop the whole wrap back on.  I love to leave a wrap tied in Sling Carry hanging on my coat hook so I can grab it easily, pop on the wrap, pop in the baby, and go!


Simple Hip Carry
Simple Hip Carry takes the least wrap length of all of the carries listed here.  This one is easy to tie and uses a super short wrap.  You might be able to use a base minus 5 wrap.  I have even in a pinch tied this carry with a sturdy woven scarf when I could not find a wrap.  The downside to this carry is that the knot is in the middle of your back.  It’s not my favorite carry for long term wearing, but it is quick and easy for a fast carry.
This video is by Tandem Trouble.  


There are a ton of poppable carry options!  My favorites are traditional sling carry, robin’s hip carry, and front cross carry.  Those three are simple and easy to tie, easy to pop baby in and out of, and super comfortable.  I hope that you are able to find a poppable carry that you really love so that you’re able to enjoy snuggling your baby in your woven wrap even on chilly rainy days.

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