Ten of the Snuggliest Warm Woven Wrap Carries for Winter!

These are the coziest woven wrap carries!  I’m putting these in order from easiest to most difficult.  If you’re new to wrapping, start with the first one!

1.  Good Old Front Wrap Cross Carry:  This carry has three layers spread fully over baby and is snuggly and perfect.  It’s also a wonderful first carry if you are just getting started with a woven wrap!

2.  Reinforced Kangaroo:  If you spread the cross passes on this carry, you have an incredibly warm, cozy carry.  This is one of the most comfortable front carries out there!

3.  Front Double Hammock:  This carry comes with so much sleepy dust, your baby might even fall asleep before you finish wrapping.  (That’s what happens to me almost every time!)

4.  Poppin’s Hip Carry:  If your baby doesn’t love front carries, try this hip carry!  This carry has two layers spread over the baby and is super cozy and warm!  This video by Autumn (who is an Advanced Babywearing Educator with BWI of Southern Maryland) gives away the secret to this carry, which is to pin the over the shoulder tail behind you.

5.  Back Wrap Cross Carry:  This is a wonderful beginner back carry.  If you’re new to back wrapping, try this with a spotter or find your local babywearing group or consultant to help you learn to back wrap!  This carry has three layers fully spread over baby.

6.  Jordan’s Back Carry:  This triple layer back carry is very cozy and warm!

7.  Double Hammock:  This is one of my favorite back carries ever because it’s incredibly comfortable and there are a ton of finishes you can add to it to make it even more comfy!

8.  Wendy’s Double Hammock:  This is  a Double Hammock variation that has three layers of wrap going over the baby, a sling pass, a reinforced cross pass, and a full cross pass. This awesome video by Faith (who is a Master Babywearing Educator with BWI of Central New York) has some wonderful tips for wrapping this carry.

9  Taiwanese:  This carry looks complicated when you see a picture of it but it’s actually fairly simple.  There are two sling passes and one horizontal pass.  This triple layer carry is very snuggly and warm.

10.  Wiggleproof Ruck:  This is a triple layer ruck variation that is really cozy and warm.  It also makes for a high back carry that is completely wiggle proof!  This fabulous video by Leah (a Master Babywearing Educator from BWI of Delmarva) shows how to do this snuggly back carry!

These are 10 of my favorite cozy warm wrap carries!  What is your favorite?

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