Shoulder Flip Tutorial

Many woven wrappers find shoulder flips tricky.  A shoulder flip is when the wrap comes from below the shoulder and is flipped over the shoulder to create ruck straps.  Shoulder flips are used in tons of back carries including:  

  • Jordan’s Back Carry
  • Giselle’s Back Carry
  • Half Jordan’s Back Carry
  • Double Sling Shoulder to Shoulder
  • Back Wrap Cross Carry with Ruck Straps

This tutorial will show a method for doing a shoulder flip without losing tension in the carry.  


Strand by strand tighten both tails.  Carefully tighten the tail coming over the shoulder.  Hold that in one hand.  Then carefully tighten the tail coming from under the shoulder, removing slack from each section of the wrap (top, middle, bottom).


Pin the over the shoulder tail either under your chin, in your teeth, or between your knees.  Then using one hand, hold the under shoulder tail at your armpit, keeping all of the tension you created when you tightened that tail strand by strand.  Take the other hand and bring the tail up over your shoulder.  


Keeping your hand on the under shoulder tail at your armpit, Take the other hand behind you and pull the tail straight down.  Feel for any excess slack at the shoulder.  With the armpit hand, pull slack up toward the shoulder.  With the hand in back, pull slack down toward the floor.  This keeps all of the tension in the carry.  


Once all of the slack is removed, take both hands back and begin to separate the top and bottom rails (edges) of the wrap so that you can spread the wrap out for the next pass.  


Spread out the next pass of the carry and finish your carry!  You’ve done a shoulder flip that kept all of the tension in your carry and is evenly tightened and comfortable on the shoulders.  
Shoulder Flip Tip


Reblogged and edited with permission from Patuxent Babywearing.

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