Cold Weather Babywearing Tips

Snowmagedon 2016 has me thinking of my favorite cozy warm babywearing days.  On really cold days, I love to wear a snuggly sweet baby and stay warm together!  My family gets outside just every day and keeping the baby happy and warm is key to enjoying our outdoor time!

Some tips for keeping baby warm:

  1. Footie Sleepers!  Fleece footie pajamas are the absolute best for babywearing in the cold.  For one, they cover baby’s legs so nicely!  With footie pajamas there aren’t any problems with baby’s pants riding up and their ankles or calves being exposed.  For two, fleece footies are thin, which makes it easy to add another layer under or over the footies.
  2.  Don’t worry about a coat for baby a young baby.  This adds a lot of bulk and can make doing your carry difficult.  Dress baby warmly in thin fleece jacket or a warm footie sleeper.  Put baby in a carrier on your front and then zip a big jacket (or special babywearing jacket if you prefer) over both of you.  Your body heat will keep baby warm.  With the jacket over both of you, you can easily monitor baby’s temperature and make sure baby doesn’t get too hot.
  3. With an older toddler or with a back carry in a soft structured carrier or meh dai, you may prefer to wear a coat yourself and put a coat on the baby.  Be sure to monitor baby and check that the coat doesn’t ride up on baby’s back (exposing their belly) or cover baby’s face.
  4. You can also dress baby in a thin, warm layer and do a back carry in any carrier that you choose.  Then use a special babywearing coat over top of both of you.
  5.  This is kind of a silly tip, but one thing I love to do (if my baby is wearing pants that are riding up) is pull on big kid or adult socks to cover their exposed calf/ankle.  Pull some really warm adult socks up over baby’s legs! This prevents that bit of skin at the ankles or calves from being exposed!  Baby leg warmers work really well for this too!
  6. Cover your heads!  A hat really helps keep you both warm.  Bonus points for a hat that your baby can’t pull off.  😉




Bonus silly tip:  In the snow, you can even zip oversized snow pants over both of you to keep baby’s legs and feet nice and warm.  It might look a little funny, but it’s really cozy and warm.


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