Using your Carrier

Do you have a new baby carrier you would like to learn to use? This page is a collection of “using your carrier” resources, general babywearing resources, and troubleshooting tips.  This is a great place to get started with babywearing!   Click on any of the links to get started!

How to Use your Baby Carrier

Each of these links has complete guide to using each type of baby carrier, including links to video tutorials and photo tutorials as well as some basic troubleshooting for each carrier type.

Complete Stretchy Wrap Guide

How to use a Stretchy Wrap with a Toddler

How to use Ring Sling

How to use a Pouch Sling

How to use a Meh Dai

How to use a Soft Structured Carrier

How to use a K’Tan Carrier

Woven Wrap – Beginner Carries

Woven Wrap Front Carries

Woven Wrap Hip Carries

Woven Wrap Beginner Back Carries

Woven Wrap Back Carries

Woven Wrap Carries by Size

General Babywearing Resources

These resources will help you with using your carrier.  Use these links to find out how to position your baby correctly in your carrier, how to check if your carry, or how to find a babywearing educator to help you with your carrier.

Find a Babywearing Group or Educator Near You

Babywearing Benefits

Babywearing Retailer Directory

Choosing a Baby Carrier

Using your Baby Carrier as a Tool for Kangaroo Care

Positioning your Newborn

Positioning your Older Baby or Toddler

Babywearing Safety

Breastfeeding in a Baby Carrier

Each of these links includes tips and tutorials to help you learn to breastfeed while wearing your baby carrier.

Breastfeeding in a Ring Sling

Breastfeeding in a Stretchy Wrap

Troubleshooting your Carrier

These links include more in depth troubleshooting tips.  If you are already using your carrier but aren’t finding it quite comfortable or secure, this is a good place to start.  Each post includes the most common troubleshooting that I help caregivers make with their carriers.  A lot of times a small adjustment is all that it takes to really love a carrier or a carry.

Meh Dai Troubleshooting: 8 tips for a more comfortable and secure carry

Stretchy Wrap Troubleshooting: Six simple adjustments for a more comfortable and secure carry

Ring Sling Troubleshooting: Seven tips for a secure and comfortable carry

Troubleshooting your Soft Structured Carrier: Fit Check and 5 Comfort Tips

Wrap Troubleshooting: Getting an AWESOME seat in a wrap back carry

Contact Me

If you’re having trouble with your carrier or want help with a babywearing project, please to contact me.  I do my best to reply to every YouTube comment and email that I receive.

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