Babywearing House Calls
Two Hour House Call  |  $99 | Click Here to Purchase

Two hour in home consultations are ideal for situations where you are looking for in depth babywearing help from the comfort of your own home.  These are wonderful for caregivers of twins, those looking to wear more than one child, caregivers with babies born prematurely, or families with newborns who are looking for assistance choosing the right carrier for the family or who want assistance with more than one carrier.  A babywearing house call makes a fabulous baby gift for a loved one who is expecting a new baby.

Babywearing House Call Package for Twins and Multiples
Three House Calls | $199 | Click Here to Purchase

This consult package is especially for families who are expecting twins or multiples and includes three in home visits.  At the first visit (ideally before babies arrive), we will do an introduction to babywearing for everyone that will care for the babies  (including grandparents, nanny, etc).  At this house call, everyone in attendance will learn newborn positioning and safety as well as how to use the different types of baby carriers and discuss the benefits of babywearing.  This is a great chance for each person who will care for the babies to figure out what baby carriers they prefer and to decide what to register for.  The second house call will be after the babies arrive.  Rachel will help you get the babies comfortable in your carriers and help you troubleshoot any problems you are having.  At the third house call, Rachel will work with you on anything of your choosing, perhaps learning to back carry, or learning how to safely wear more than one baby.

Double Consult Package
Two House Calls | $159 | Click Here to Purchase

This consult package includes two in home visits, focused on anything you would like!  Some possibilities include:
– a home visit before baby arrives to have help deciding what baby carrier works best for you and any others who will care for baby or
– a visit after baby arrives to get comfortable with your baby carrier, get baby positioned comfortably
– a visit when baby is old/big enough for back carries to learn to safely get baby on your back.

Follow Up Consultation
One Hour Consultation | $55 | Click Here to Purchase

A one hour consultation is ideal for a follow-up visit or for help with one or two carriers.  In an hour you can learn to confidently use up to two carriers for front carries, or learn to do a back carry in the carrier of your choice.  A one hour visit is also wonderful for learning more advanced wrapping.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do you have carriers that I can try?
    I maintain a teaching stash of carriers that you can try at consultation.  I have at least 5 of each carrier type (ring sing, wrap, mei tai, and buckle carrier).  My teaching stash includes most of the ring sling shoulder styles and sling sizes M-XL, wraps in sizes 2-8, several brands of stretchy wrap, and a few brands of mei tai and buckle carriers.
  • Can I buy a baby carrier from you?
    I do not sell baby carriers.  I believe I can give more unbiased help if I am not trying to sell you something.  If you try something that you love, I can tell you where you might be able to buy it.
  • I don’t have a baby yet, but I want to learn to use my carrier.  Can you help me?
    It’s wonderful to learn to use your carrier before your baby arrives!  I have weighted demo dolls that are wonderful for learning to use a carrier.  At any consult you are welcome to try carriers on using the demo doll.
  • What is your travel fee?
    I am willing to travel to consults if needed.  The first 20 miles from Leonardtown Maryland are covered in my consult fee.  After 20 miles the travel fee is $1 per mile.  For example if you are 50 miles away from Leonardtown, the fee will be $30 (50 minus the twenty miles included).
  • I really need a consult, but I can’t afford one.  
    Please get in touch anyway.  I will find a way to help you.  I’m in this to spread babywearing love.

2 thoughts on “Consultations

  1. Katie says:

    Hi Rachel,
    SOMD baby wearers passed along your information. I have a 2 week old and could use some help using my baby k’tan or trying a different wrap suggestion. I am interested in a 20 minute mini session. Are those by appointment only or are they set days?
    Thank you


    • wrappingrachel says:

      Hi Katie! I sent you an email! I’m not sure if it went through! 20 minute appointments are every first Saturday from 10am-noon. I’m available to meet in the evenings as well (after 5pm Wednesday or Thursday) or most Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. I’m happy to make an appointment with you if you’d like! Send me an email at and we can set something up! 🙂


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