Private In Home Babywearing Classes
90 minute class  |  $99  | Click Here to Purchase

Would you and your best friends like to get together and learn a new babywearing skill together?  This can be a really fun way to learn to use a baby carrier and also have some fun with your friends at the same time!  You can take a class on anything you’d like!  Classes are limited to 4 people for back carry classes, 6 for front carry classes.

Some Class Ideas:
– Babywearing for Expectant Parents
– Beginner Back Wrapping
– Introduction to Wrapping
– Short Wrap Front and Hip Carries
– Back Wrapping with a short wrap
– Poppable wrap carries:  Pre-tied carries you can easily pop baby in and out of
– Summer Babywearing:  The coolest, airiest carries!
– Back Wrapping your Wiggly Baby:  Wiggleproof Carries and Wrap Tips
– Wrap Carries using a Sling Ring!  (Additional fee of $10 per wrapper – Class includes two pairs of sling rings per wrapper).
– Create Your Own Back Carry:  Use Wrap Pass Types to Invent the Perfect Carry for you!

I’m willing to travel!  The first twenty miles from Leonardtown, Maryland is included in the cost.  If you are farther than 20 miles away, there is  after that there is $1 per mile travel fee.   For example, if you are 50 miles away from Leonardtown, the fee will be $30 (50 miles minus the 20 that are included).


Beginner Back Wrapping

In this class, you will learn to do a Rucksack Back Carry and one other woven wrap back carry.  You will learn how to put baby safely on the back, make a deep seat, tighten strand by strand, and pin the seat in place.  Participants will also learn a alternate tie off methods for a ruck.

Babywearing for Expectant Parents
In this course, you will learn to use  all types of baby carriers that work wonderfully with newborns:  Stretchy Wraps, Ring Slings, Woven Wraps, Mei Tais, and Soft Structured (buckle) Carriers.  You will learn about the benefits of babywearing and how to combine babywearing with kangaroo care.  You will learn how to position a newborn in a carrier and will try on and learn to use each carrier.

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